You can’t blame…

13 Aug

You can’t blame the devil for our evil deeds, God gave us free will.



I am weak in ev…

13 Aug

I am weak in every way that does matter and strong in every way that doesn’t.

flipped sides


I fell in love …

7 Aug

I fell in love with his talent which was like the whipped cream & cherry, his smile was the sprinkles.


Life was a lot …

6 Aug

Life was a lot easier, when I hated people and loved myself than it is now that I try to love people and hate myself.



And I’ll scream…

3 Aug

And I’ll scream, “Heaven exist! Heaven exist!”

Fire & Brimstone


Facing the fact…

11 Jul

Facing the facts, I’m not ruthless or lucky enough to be successful.


I touched the s…

11 Jun

I touched the sky
licked the moon
ate a cloud
& bathed in the sun.


Love, kisses, f…

7 Jun

Love, kisses, flowers sweet wishes. *POOF* wake up!



5 Jun

**A REFLECTION OF OUR TIMES- When I turned on the news & saw the building in Philadelphia; I was RELIEVED it wasn’t BOMBED by a TERRORIST**


72K bloggers dr…

20 May

72K bloggers drop tumblr and swarm to wordpress, due to yahoo buyout. I got one word for them, SUSCRIBE! =)

on a serious , bloggers and just average joes should be concerned when social networks start merging. It makes it easier for snooping and censorship. Also, it widdle downs the pool of possible witnesses to civil rights infringements due to the censoring. It helps #BigCorp & #BigBro spy. Considering whats going on with the #IRS scandal, not only Americans but citizens of the world must hold vigilant and fight for all our freedoms.