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The New World Order – Nobody Stays Anonymous

12 Nov



Which Obama Did you Vote for?

13 Jun

Which Obama Did you Vote for?

The whole word was watching, as America was about to elect its first black president. He promised truth, equality and just about everything else a president does. But did why so many people believe in him? Was it because he was black and the rational was that a black man would look out for fellow minorities? He instantly became a ‘celeb’, hanging with fellow elites. He has ben riddled with controversy since his election. His birth certificate & disbarment from law have come into question. Not to mention his strong ties to the muslim brotherhood, whose main agenda is to kill Americans. He referred to us as being an entitled people, as he jets a cross the world at our expense and throws lavish parties. We the people are now outside the White House lawn just staring locked out literally. While Psy ( ‘rapped’ about killing American troops) is a welcomed guest. Our Ambassador in Benghazi left for dead, disregarding the soldiers creed. Ft Hood shooting treating the victims as the enemy. NSA spying on us, instead of the unlawfully treachery in the government. IRS using thugocracy. DHS stockpiling billions of rounds of hollow point ammo, while police and purchasing street tanks. Nothing electronic is hack proof as people mount security cameras inside their homes to ‘check’ but never consider who else is checking. The more we wrap our selves into electronics the more vulnerable and less security we actually are. He came across as an everyday guy a charmer, the façade quickly faded when he redesigned the flag and had people comparing him to the messiah. This is not an muslim /American issues, this is a liberty and freedom on. Our founding fathers said we were to never war or nose around in other countries… they were right. The elite have crossed boundaries long ago and are unable to contain the effects of their wickedness, God help us.


Doesn’t Exist

7 Jun

Doesn't Exist

Which side will you choose? Freedom or Tyranny?
#PRISM #IRS #NDAA #FISA #CISPA #FEMA #DRONES Keep watching TV Movies & Music video’s as they censor and spy on every aspect of our lives. Will you be on your couch watching TV when the parachutes drop from the black helicopters or will you be prepared?