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LoVeSyk GiRL

18 Jul

You never know how much God has your back, until He’s gone.


Better than a t…

1 Feb

Better than a thousand hollow words, is ONE word that brings peace. -Buddha
So, a couple of days ago a group of woman in Lake City FL, gathered for a jewerly party. 24 year old, Derek Lee, entered the home armed with a pistol threatening the group.The home owner, told him, “In the name of, Jesus, leave my house”. Then the woman began repeating, Jesus over and over again. Derek Lee, fled the home empty handed and no one was harmed. ONE word, JESUS.

King of Kings.


22 Jan

May humans one day remember and exercise the daily practices of values, morals, compassion, faith and love.


22 Jan

May Earth one day forgive us for polluting her land, contaminating her water and hollowing out her core.


22 Jan

May the people of the world one day realize that Earth is alive, she is our hospitable host and we should cherish her as we do ourselves.


22 Jan

May the Light of Heaven burn bright that no more shadows remain.


22 Jan

May the Heavenly Light of Jesus & the Angels mend the broken, find the lost and comfort the lonely.


22 Jan

May Jesus’s Heavenly Light fill the darkest of hearts.


22 Jan

May the Angels guide the blind with a path of Heavenly illumination towards Jesus.


22 Jan

Thank you GOD for giving us life, Thank you Jesus for saving our life.