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LoVeSyk GiRL

18 Jul

You never know how much God has your back, until He’s gone.

Never Too Late By Maria Trixter210916813

18 May

It was a bright sunny day, the sun was beaming in all its radiance. Dr Emevas decided togo to the country club to mingle
with a kindred audience. He entered into the country club, it was high dollar posh. He teamed up with a colleague and played a
game of squash. Afterwards, he decided to take a dip in the pool. There was only one man, he was relieved to see it
wasn’t full. He threw his towel on top of his shoes then tossed his shirt. He jerked around as he heard the man shriek,
he could tell he was hurt. He quickly splashed around and then started to sink. The doctor jumped in without a second to
think. He reached for the man and drug him to the edge. He yelled for help and the man’s son came running to the ledge.He
had a look of fright, he was stong and compared to the doctor a little bigger. The doctor began CPR, the man came to;
spewing water yelling, “How dare you touch me nigger!” He looked at his son furious, bewteen his coughing he said to him,
“You should have let me die.” The doctor stood up, walked away not recieving a thank you nor bye.
For the next couple of days, the man went on and on about having to use a whole tube of toothpaste and lots of soap. He
bashed his son in public, calling him a mindless dope. On the otherside, Dr.Emevas, talked to his wife. He didn’t
understand how the man couldn’t look past his racism to say thank you for saving my life. They continued on with their
lives, the doctor took the situation in stride. A year and a half later, their lives were about to re-collide. The man
had a massive stroke and needed immediate surgery. He said to the nurse, “I want the best of the best, no matter what the
cost will be.” The nurse replied, “You’re in luck, our doctor is ranked numbered two in the world when it comes to the heart.”
She exited and then handed the doctor his chart. Dr. Emevas said, “prep this man, lets save his heart.” The doctor walked
into the room, where the man was surrounded by his family and took a second look at the chart. Their eyes met and before
the man could protest his first shout, Dr. Emevas handed the chart back to the nurse and walked out. The nurse shocked,
and asked if he lost is mind. He told her to find someone else to operate on this man, in the morning I will resign.The
nurse looked on as he gathered his things being unapologetic. He thought, with 25years of experience and savings, I’ll
open my own clinic. The nurse walked back into the room and said, “We’ll get a replacement for you as soon as we can.”
His grand-daughter standing by the window, shouted “Hey there goes the black man!” Seven hours later, he went under the
knife. No one is sure if it was the time or fate, but he’s partial paralyzed for life. Dr. Emevas opened his clinic a year
later. On the grand opening he couldn’t have felt greater. A delivery man came in holding a colorful array of flowers in
a grand bouquet. The doctor was estatic adding to an already great day. It came with an envelope containing a check. When
he looked at the amount 3.5 million dollars, he shouted, “what the heck!” The name looked familiar but he couldn’t recall.
He took it as a joke, put it in his draw and walked down the hall. A week later, a man with sunglasses and a low rimmed hat
¬†entered the clinic using a cane. Walking towards to the doctor he started to speak before he said his name. “You haven’t
cashed the check I wrote.” The doctor flashed to the check remembering he thought it was a joke. He continued on,”from the
looks around here, there’s plenty you can do.” The doctor nodded in agreement and then asked, “Do I know you?” “Actually,
we’ve met twice, sadly I say neither time was I decent or nice”. He removed his sunglasses then his hat and extended his
hand. Low and behold, it was that racist man. “I just want to say, thank you for saving my life. And also apologize for
causing you any strife. Money has no real value, but people do. You thought me that, the day at the pool.” Dr. Emevas
shook his hand. The man was in terrible shape and could barely stand. “Well, good-bye Dr.Emevas, I’m on a mission to
make amends my other life wrecks. I’m running out of time and have 63 more checks.”¬†