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NuNu’s Song

9 Aug

NuNu’s Song

This is for, NuNu, a beautiful young lady who was senselessly taken before her time to shine. R.I. P.
We understand not Your design and nor is it our place to understand. Heavenly Father, Thank You for being merciful and gracious. Amen.



Better than a t…

1 Feb

Better than a thousand hollow words, is ONE word that brings peace. -Buddha
So, a couple of days ago a group of woman in Lake City FL, gathered for a jewerly party. 24 year old, Derek Lee, entered the home armed with a pistol threatening the group.The home owner, told him, “In the name of, Jesus, leave my house”. Then the woman began repeating, Jesus over and over again. Derek Lee, fled the home empty handed and no one was harmed. ONE word, JESUS.

King of Kings.


Heaven Awaits

18 Dec

Heaven Awaits

Evil will never win, the bible tells us so. People who take lives committing evil acts, assist GOD by creating Angels.


Prayers for Sandy Hook

16 Dec

Prayers for Sandy Hook

I dedicate this picture to the family & friends of Sandy Hook, Newtown CT. Prayers, faith and Jesus. ♥Maria