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The Edge

30 Jun

Free Download, Enjoy!


Back Against the Wall (EDU & TriXter210)

29 Jun

Love this track with EDU (Elements of a Dark Universe)


It Wont Happen Twice (EDU & @TriXter210)

16 Jun

This is my first video collab, please show some love.
Thank you



6 Jun

This another short poem of mine that I turned into a song.
Recently I’ve become overwhelmed at the violence and darkness that has spread threw out societies, the victims get younger and younger. It hurts to hear about it and to see the aftermath of the families agony. This is my poem
Shot down in the heart of the city,
Cold streets that offer no pity,
Bang Bang echoes
At midnight anything goes
Bodies flailing, babies wailing
Mothers crying, babies dying
I pray to the Heavens
We need resolutions.
May God have mercy on us all.