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You can’t blame…

13 Aug

You can’t blame the devil for our evil deeds, God gave us free will.



I am weak in ev…

13 Aug

I am weak in every way that does matter and strong in every way that doesn’t.

flipped sides

Helen Keller can see the MSM bias

9 Aug

So, last week I saw a post regarding an unarmed homeless man being shot and killed by an officer in Santa Ana. Thank you for posting it. So, I watched the Youtube video and posted it on my twitter feed. So about an hour later, I’m surfing the news on yahoo and come across a story about Santa Ana. I’m thinking the homeless story picked up momentum… nope. The story was about how Santa Ana was making big waves for immigrants to migrate there and I’m thinking yeah as long as they don’t become homeless. Or maybe they need more target practice, I don’t know. Anyways, I just thought it odd that this competing headline, which was obviously fluffly fluff fluff was posted to sway your attention away from the more serious story. Police are shooting first and getting union backing as they ask questions later. The new slogan should be to profile and search or maybe profile and shoot. So, just to amuse myself I searched for PRISM and was bombarded by katy perry’s new album instead of the NSA spying program. I’m sure she had every intention of naming her album that before the program was reveiled… ha ha. =/ So all these elites NOT STARS, are complying with the government to ensure the rest of us stay uninformed. Its now become an elite circle, that they don’t want to expand. Reality TV is just recycling actors careers, sad really. Sad for those who dreamt of being a sitcom writer or actor. Even those people wanting to be in commercial ads, well the celebs are snuffing them dreams. Alice Cooper in a cardigan… yikes! So, much for upcoming perfumes, clothing, shoes, food & furniture designers… the celebrities want it all. It’s become ridiculous how people are following them around and idolizing them. Then you wonder whats wrong with society, well look at the ‘role models’ that MSM pushes. But lets not forget how stable they are mentally or forget the fact that they’re dropping like flies due to overdoses. If it was so great being them, why the shrinks?? why the scripts?? its all a façade and sickness. Rise above it. I just don’t want to pursue anything  cause its all a sham. MSM & elitist I see you for the imps of the devil that you are.


I fell in love …

7 Aug

I fell in love with his talent which was like the whipped cream & cherry, his smile was the sprinkles.


Life was a lot …

6 Aug

Life was a lot easier, when I hated people and loved myself than it is now that I try to love people and hate myself.



And I’ll scream…

3 Aug

And I’ll scream, “Heaven exist! Heaven exist!”

Fire & Brimstone