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Delectable Pit…

30 Jan


Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter faster
Your blood is pumping, sensing diaster
What? Are you afraid, someone will
Strawberry, Strawberry…


I have relative…

27 Jan

I have relatives but not a family. I have acquaintances but not any friends.


Just because yo…

27 Jan

Just because you repent, doesn’t mean GOD will allow you into heaven. It means you are really sorry. Forgiveness doesn’t equal enterance.



26 Jan

You bought a roast when you went to the butcher’s. Brought it home, unwrapped it and patted it down with spices n’ herbs. Put it in a container then into the refridgerator to marinate overnight. I couldn’t sleep, I kept tossing and turning thinking about my very first bite. The next morning, I woke up to aromas that IS didn’t know. When I asked, you said it was simmering cocoa. Mmm, I love hot cocoa! I grabbed a mug so you could serve me. You looked at me laughing, said it was for the roast beef. What? I didn’t understand. Then I saw her with chili peppers in her hand. She threw them into the cocoa, constantly stirring. What is she doing to the roast, I started worrying. I saw on the stove other pans and pots. Frowning, I asked what else she gots. She said there was brussell sprouts, smashed potatoes and toast. Which all sound yummy and go good with roast. The oven started to chime. Yipee! Dinner time. We set the table and splayed out the food. Looking at all the goodies instantly boosted my mood. I served my sides and put sliced roast on my plate. I immediately took my first bite, I could no longer wait. I watched as she drizzled the cocoa sauce. I was about to take another bite but instead I paused. She cut a piece of roast, chewing slowly savoring. As I watched her delight, my woes started wavering. So, I put a few drops on my next bite. As I chewed my eyes grew big and bright.

Significance of my insignificance

25 Jan

How much time had passed before you realized that I wasn’t there? 


22 Jan

May humans one day remember and exercise the daily practices of values, morals, compassion, faith and love.


22 Jan

May Earth one day forgive us for polluting her land, contaminating her water and hollowing out her core.


22 Jan

May the people of the world one day realize that Earth is alive, she is our hospitable host and we should cherish her as we do ourselves.


22 Jan

May the Light of Heaven burn bright that no more shadows remain.


22 Jan

May the Heavenly Light of Jesus & the Angels mend the broken, find the lost and comfort the lonely.